As we judge...!

It was a usual train ride to home. I was very much looking forward to meeting my parents. They have been “enjoying” in an ayurvedic hospital for few weeks outside the mundane things at home.
My usual past time in trains were reading books. That was before I owned a smartphone. And I owned it a little late, for my age group. But now I wish why couldn’t it have been much later.
But anyways, as I was scrolling through all the things that this little box engages me with, I happen to see a very interesting share in one of the WhatsApp groups. It was a twitter thread about a handwritten copy of our constitution and it’s features. It was one of those moments when I get reminded of how little we know but how much we tend to project about things we know.
A group is very interesting when you have diversity in it. You get so many different perspectives and narratives. Which really helps your thought process and rationale. It helps you grow and empathise. That is of course only if you are open to it. But this was not going to be just one of those moments of understanding and humbleness. Because an observation by a very dear friend of mine in the group started a train of thoughts. Thoughts with a tinge of sadness.
He acknowledged the efforts and thoughts put into the constitution. But he also wished they had done enough to materialise them. One line. Just one line which summarises for him the years of efforts by the people who fought and died for the nation. The ones who made the foundation so strong that we, the ungrateful, stand upon it and mock them. From where did they build it up?! How much can we ever hope to understand of their toils which didn’t began in a free India but in a chained one. One with warring nations and people. They knew of sacrifice and loss like we never would. Or I hope we never would.
In our privileged position, as we judge the past, we think we know enough. The arrogance we hold. Or rather the ignorance. The ignorance of how they bled to build us.
With all the propagandas happening around us, it is pertinent for us to be reminded of our history. Because we owe it to our revered freedom fighters, our fathers and mothers, to know these details. To know them and their sacrifices. So that, in gratitude, we may serve the same people they served. The downtrodden, the under privileged, the under represented. The poor and gullible. To them we owe. And them we shall serve.
~Slave of Almighty.




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